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muse and mirror

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Welcome dear reader to this page. We are really happy that you have shown interest in our work and thinking to purchase our prints for yourself. It will be definitely the best decision of your’s to have a piece of art in your office , home or a gift to your near and dear. But also this action will support our work directly. Since you are aware that to shoot images on exotic or remote locations it needs lot of planning , research and creativity. We decided to devote ourselves to this task of promoting local travel destinations, art , craft and fashion through our work. Muse and Mirror is the baby of this. 


A quest of a husband and wife ; a model and photographer to find beauty in ordinary things in ordinary ways of life. If looked carefully each location and everyone is beautiful .Raginee who is the constant companion and the model of this project is the inspiration for me. Every husband and wife must be inspired from each other and should create art for themselves and the next generations. We are creating art not only for us but for the art lovers who will discover the beautiful places, traditional outfits and beauty by being you. 


A model can be beautiful, sensuous, inspiring, powerful, vulnerable all in one. She changes with the time yet inspires the artist to create his work. For me she is my inspiration and I also feel one should find inspiration close to himself / herself. We all are gifted uniquely. We wish to share our own  creativity through images that we have created while traveling to different places across the nation. You can gift this book or high quality prints to your traveller friends from other countries to introduce them to the our culture and destinations. 


The best thing we are doing due to the latest technology is customised book as per your need and budget. Images and content will be the same except the size. Reach out to us to create your own book / prints delivered to your home. Thanks for landing here. 

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