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Beyond the horizon

It's a kind of a personal post. A journey on which we have embarked together since last 15 years. Exploring the relationship with each other ; with the surroundings and people we are interacting. More than that how we as a couple are collaborating and co creating something that we should be happy about.

It really takes time to understand the unique strength we have and using it to create something beautiful and meaningful. Sometime we go with the flow due to the daily necessities. But as an artistically inclined couple we always asks questions to ourselves.

A photographer, muse, dress designer and make up artist are the jobs we do while working together. Ultimately we work as a team to create memories of the time that fly never to return. We deeply wish to recreate those fantasy land, epic moments we dreamt of and not part of everyday reality. But yes those moment we lived in the past however short those were real and passionately lived.

The soft power of feminine form against the backdrop of ruthless nature creates a contrasting and beautiful visuals. We all have seen or read fairytales and all of us try to live those dreams. We all have seen or read fairytales and all of us try to live those dreams. There is always that child somewhere deep within refuses to accept the version of reality that society always tells to agree with. We are also creating our reality in our unique ways.

Muse and mirror is a project reflecting each other in the work we create. An image is about the muse that you see and the mirror as well where she is reflected. A dream to showcase the beautiful nature, heritage we are gifted with and the timeless ethnic fashion of our nation which is so unique and adaptable.

In the age of internet influences are bound to happen. We are no exception to that. Still trying to be rooted while living our dreams in the reality we hope to give something back in the form of a book. So someday we will fly beyond 60s and sit in the verandah flipping through the pages of our mad adventures. We wish you to create your tale in your own way. Life is not always about finding something but it's worth living moment by moment.

Join us on photography and travel journey. From unknown beaches to the remote Himalayan villages.

Raginee & Yogesh Kardile.

Copyrights reserved.

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