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  • Raginee K

call of the shakti

In Bharatiya philosophy power is always symbolised in feminine form and worshiped so even in reality. Somewhere down the line waves of invasion crushed the spirit of the people. And so called misogynistic society shaped out of that foreign influence. The original culture got diluted and shaped a hybrid version that we identify as original. I was recently reading that this is only land where women are worshipped as goddess. They were part of the intellectual discourses, war, economy, art and even in decision making of the state.

But nothing remains same. The dark period appeared on the horizon and engulfed the land by the looters and colonisers. Even after all those tormenting period I feel the society is again changing for the better. The cycle of life repeat itself and Shakti cannot be repressed for long. It's in her inner nature that she manifest herself either quietly or in full rage.

The masculine is eternal and stable. But without Shakti it is immovable. She instills the power and dynamism into the world. The Prana is her blessing. She is the one who plays with us. By ignorance we assume it’s our doing. She is the source behind all of that drama. The cycle of eternity is moved by none other than Shakti. That’s why Shiva cannot be completed without Shakti.

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