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Sindhu & Sagar : A story of a river and the ocean

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

The romance of the water is eternal . Playing itself in the form of river and ocean. Feminine or masculine are two sides of the same element. Both rises and falls with the rhythm of the nature. Nurturing others and also engulfing to recreate in a new form.

नदी आणि समुद्र यांचा संबंध स्त्री तत्व आणि पुरुष तत्व यापेक्षा स्वतःतच रममाण असणाऱ्या अस्तित्वाचा असे नेहमी वाटते. दूर कोठे तरी खोल समुद्रात आकाशात झेप घेऊन ते पाणी पर्वतशिखरांशी सलगी करीत धरणीच्या उदरात पुनः प्रवेश करते.

Forms are temporary but the nature is eternal. Forms rises, get nurtured and crashes or dissolves into each other. What we understood as a destruction or creation is just a play of the energy which is constant . Rest everything is an illusion. We misunderstood the form as a nature. But the nature itself is deeply ingrained within each droplet.

एक बिंदू अगणित वेळा दगडांवर स्वतःला झोकून देऊन सिंधू स्वरूप बनतो. छोट्याश्या रेखांची रांगोळी काढीत विशालकाय दऱ्या निर्माण करीत पुन्हा स्वतःशीच रममाण होण्यास खाली येते. प्रवास चक्र चालू राहते. न संपणारा खेळ नित्यनूतन चालू राहतो. हि गोष्ट आहे आकारांची आणि निराकाराची. सिंधू आणि सागराची.

The river is detached from him long time back in far distant waters. The memories of the salty water are evaporated and she is floating in the air. Somewhere the coolness compels her to rush to the land . The misty land raise the curtain and she touch the land. Hitting the earth billion times she transforms into the life saving form of Sindhu. Each Bindu ( droplet ) takes the form of Sindhu ( mighty river). And the journey continues downwards to meet the source again with full of twists and turns. Small lines on the surface deepens and turns into the valleys over the years. This is the story of feminine going to meet the masculine and smoothening even the most toughest obstacles.

Resilience and consistency is the name of the river. The yearning is dissolved when the union happens. But yes this is also temporary. The cycle of creation again takes birth deep inside the ocean in distant waters.

Words & Photography : Yogesh Kardile

Model : Jitesh Bhoir

Fashion stylist & Model : Raginee Kardile

Creative Retouching : Yatin Shinde

प्रकाशचित्रे आणि शब्द : योगेश कर्डीले

मॉडेल :जितेश भोईर

फॅशन स्टायलिस्ट आणि मॉडेल : रागिणी कर्डीले

क्रिएटिव्ह रिटचिंग : यतीन शिंदे

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